Join us in building the largest artwork in the world to unite humanity. Speak with our team to learn more about bringing a Portal to your city.


Portals invite us to meet above borders and experience unity. You can be part of this first-of-its-kind artwork: build a Portal in your city and partner with us. Speak with our team to learn more.

Bridge to a United Planet

Portals are technology art sculptures. They connect to a network of identical sculptures all over the planet. Each Portal is located in the public space, providing a real-time, unfiltered livestream 24/7 that is frequently rotating between different Portal locations on Earth.

We all share more than what separates us

In a world of increasingly polarizing narratives, it is important to remember that we are all together on this tiny, beautiful spaceship called Earth.

Let’s Expand our Definition of Home

Portals are an invitation to meet fellow humans above borders and prejudices and to experience our home - planet Earth - as it really is: united and one.

Becoming a Portal location


Portals are located in selected cities and landmarks around the world where they are freely accessible to the public. We typically work with municipalities, NGOs, foundations and private organizations to fund and develop this unique global artwork.

Value for your city

As a member of the Portal Unity Network, you are part of a unique community, creating and co-owning a first-of-its-kind, global artwork. More than an artwork, Portals are a platform to build relationships and to join ongoing viral events in the physical world and online.

Contact our team for partnerships and to learn more about building a Portal in your city.

Join the community

Over the coming years, the Portal Unity Network will bring an invitation for unity to countries on all continents. It will be a platform that enables people from around the world to have ownership in the project and the ability to participate in the creation of this first-of-its-kind artwork: by bringing Portals to their cities, helping to organise unifying events, contributing their ideas and positive energy - or simply by experiencing a Portal in their public space.

Portals in the Public Mind

The Portal project was started by the non-profit Benediktas Gylys Foundation. The first Portal link was created in 2021, connecting Lithuania and Poland. Since then, the project has reached hundreds of millions of people - physically and online. Portals, and the mission they represent, have become a part of public consciousness.




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